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The Brexit students' group in Exeter University have put up leaflets in an attempt to gain more support across the country on the issue of leaving the EU. So far, about 150 people have signed up and how to order Quaalude the group around В15-18 to distribute.

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Not only this, but it's the school which has no power to actually decide what is being written on the leaflet, which seems just to confirm the worst stereotypes about Exeter students. They simply don't want their school representing them in negotiations. A student at Exeter says she's been receiving hundreds of phonecalls and e-mails complaining about the how to order Quaalude she's put up.

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The group is calling for an "urgent investigation" into the police response to anti-fascist protesters around the GTA this past March. The group, which includes members and supporters of several other groups and individuals, says the city of Toronto failed to act when it came to the alleged attacks by two activists who assaulted a white male, who suffered from epilepsy and order Quaalude severe bruising on his order Quaalude, back and body.

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